When do I need eye surgery?
Surgery is recommended when the patient begins to have difficulty performing everyday tasks.
Is it usual to operate both eyes at once?
No. The ocular interventions are usually performed on one eye only, although in some cases both eyes can be operated at the same time.
Is eye surgery painful?
No. In this type of intervention topical anaesthetic -drops- are used. to make the patient feel no pain either during the operation or the post-operative
Why is it necessary that an ophthalmologist should review my eyes ? Going to the optician is not enough?
No. Although the optician can check your glasses, it is important to visit your ophthalmologist regularly, because he or she is the only specialist that can complete the eye examination and can provide a study of the retina.
I have never worn glasses, but I start having difficulty reading . Is there an alternative to glasses?
Yes, lenses or laser. Your ophthalmologist will conduct a study of your case and determine which option is the best for you.
Is oral surgery painful?
No. The current techniques of local anesthesia and sedation allow all kinds of interventions inside the mouth without causing any pain to the patient.
How safe are maxillofacial interventions?
Very safe. These interventions are performed in surgery rooms at our clinic which are equipped with the latest technology. In addition, minimally invasive surgery techniques are used. You can rest easy.
I am not satisfied with the appearance of my face. How can I improve it?
Many aesthetic face problems stem from structural problems of the bones of the face. Therefore, by changing the shape, size and position of these bones, we can achieve spectacular results.
What if I want to improve my appearance without going under the knife?
The physiological aging and the action of the sun's rays affect our appearance quite directly. The infiltration of special filling materials or botulinum toxin may offer a temporary solution without going under the knife.
What other types of treatments do you perform?
We can improve the shape and size of your nose (rhinoplasty), we do all kinds of orthopedic and surgical treatments linked to the discomfort of the temporomandibular joint (the one that allows opening and closing the mouth) and we treat the stones in the salivary glands (they dissolve or are removed through an endoscopy).
Which are the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries?
The three most commonly performed plastic surgeries are: nose (rhinoplasty ), breasts (increase or breast reduction) and abdominal (tummy tucks and liposuction).
Is it possible to have more than one cosmetic surgery at a time?
Yes, provided they do not take very long time to perform and when the patient is not suffering from any serious illness.
What type of anesthesia is used for cosmetic surgery?
You can use three types of anesthesia: local, regional or general, depending on the type of surgery, the time required to perform it and the characteristics of each patient.
How safe is cosmetic surgery?
Very safe, as long as the surgery is planned correctly and it is performed by an experienced specialist. Following this procedure, the risks and potential complications are minimised.
My body has changed a lot after being pregnant. What I can do to feel atractive again? How long should I wait to undergo surgery?
Breast surgery, abdominal surgery and liposuction will correct the changes that the body undergoes during pregnancy and lactation. It is sensible to have finished breastfeeding to schedule cosmetic surgery.
What are the most common cosmetic surgeries in men?
The most frequent interventions in men are nose and eyelids surgeries and liposuction. In recent years, double chin liposuction has greatly increased, this helps to balance the face in a very natural way.
Is liposuction a painful type of surgery?
No. In recent years much has been improved in this type of surgery, and now it only requires about three days of rest after surgery.
Which are the most recommended prosthesis to increase the volume of the breasts?
The most recommended are silicone gel implants because they offer the most natural results and very few complications.
How old should I be to undergo nose surgery?
It is recommended to wait until being 18 years old.
How is nose surgery (rhinoplasty ) planned?
First we should determine whether the problems of the patient are functional or aesthetic. Having established this, the changes to be made are planned. It is very important to analyse the features of the entire face to have an harmonious and natural outcome for each patient's face.
I can not chew well because my teeth do not fit well. What I can do?
Many alterations when closing the mouth and the positioning of the teeth often require to treat the facial bones. Orthognathic surgery corrects both functional teeth problems and bad positioning of the facial bones, providing a natural balance between the parts of the face.
What if the problem is that, due to the lack of some pieces , it hurts when I chew?
Through implants, also the pain will disappear and you will have the feeling that you have your own real teeth.