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One of the problems Maxillofacial surgeons usually encounter, is the lack of bone in patients requiring dental implant surgery.

When we want to place dental implants, we must have enough bone until the dental implant is completely surrounded by it, otherwise we will have problems of rejection, implant exposure and poor placement of the dental prosthesis that we will place later on.

A few weeks ago I made a bone graft surgery to Moisés, a patient of about 45 who, for various reasons, lost all his teeth in his youth. Through the years and with no teeth in the upper jaw, he suffered from bone atrophy and now he requires the implants. He had such a thin bone that I could not place implants with a 3 mm diameter! In this situation, one option is to place bone grafts in blocks, that we took from the own patient. We use grafts from the body of the mandible, this gives us greater advantages than from other locations:

1- The anaesthetic is local, so we saved a general anaesthetic, that carries additional risks.

2- We did not need grafts from the skullcap or from the iliac crest, and we minimised the risks that arise from having surgery in these locations, as well as postoperative pain of patients with iliac crest grafts.

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